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Using Twitter and Facebook in Adverse Event Situations

Dear Mr. Communicator: We’re a large nonprofit organization with a crisis communications plan written in the pre-Twitter era. How can we incorporate Twitter into our handling of adverse events?  –a cautious PR exec Dear Cautious: You have an alert, well-trained … Continue reading

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Do-It-Yourself B2B Marketing and Communications Tools

Note from Jonathan: You’re busy running your business. How can you possibly keep track of your marketing efforts, especially when the list of available tools gets longer every hour? Our colleague Morrie Goldman penned this helpful list of resources for … Continue reading

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Getting in Front of Your Audience by Email

Some time ago, I wrote about whether the popular online communications tools (Survey Monkey, WordPress, etc.) are as user-friendly as they claim to be. They’re getting better, of course. In particular, Constant Contact has been making frequent improvements in their … Continue reading

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Core Concept: Key Ingredient for Blogs, Facebook and More

Dear Mr. Communicator: Should I blog? Should I be on Twitter? — an executive looking for inspiration When clients ask me these questions, the answer is almost always, “do you have something to say?” In other words, if you don’t … Continue reading

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Business Card is No Longer the First Impression

I’m Proud of My Business Card In the midst of a recent Communications Audit – that’s my term for a brainstorming session and review of marketing materials – a lively discussion developed on the topic of business cards. In this … Continue reading

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